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Enjoying a Good Time at Geology Museum

Enjoying a Good Time at Geology Museum

Since there are many Bandung attractions, you need to find your options. Reading is a good start. One of the most recommended destinations is Bandung Geology Museum. It’s a historical building. It has attracted many visitors in the past few years. Local government has conducted a significant renovation to the museum. The building was constructed in 1928. Thanks to Japan. There were also many renovations. The latest renovation was in 2000. It was during the Megawati’s reign. Today, the museum becomes one of the best tourist spots in Bandung.

The Charm of Geology Museum

Bandung Geology museum also becomes a destination for a study tour. Many schools come here to learn something. Thanks to the collections and items of the museum. These help students learn both the history and culture in Bandung. What are inside the museum? There are minerals, fossils, stones, and other things about geology. In terms of appearance, the museum is quite similar to regular building. The building consists of two floors. It applies the Dutch architecture. It’s both elegant and valuable.

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The Charm Of Geologi Museum – Bandung Attractions

You must include Geology Museum in the list of top Bandung attractions to visit. It’s situated in Diponegoro Street 57. You can reach the location easily. It’s situated in the midst of the city. That means you can find public transportation without hassles. The most common transportation is “Angkot”. The museum is situated near to the most iconic building in Bandung – Gedung Sate. The entry fee is around 5000 IDR. If you are a foreigner, you need to pay 10,000 IDR.

Visiting the Museum

The museum opens at 9 am. It closes at 3.30 pm. One thing, you can’t visit it in holidays and Fridays. The first floor consists of Indonesian geography map and orientation room. You can learn about the creation of Earth, Indonesian geology condition, human fossils, etc. The second floor consists of some rooms that display minerals and other things. Are you willing to explore all of the rooms? Overall, Geology Museum should be in your list of Bandung attractions.

As the time goes by, Bandung Geology Museum has become a new option among other Bandung attractions. Some experts also visit it often. They want to gather information prior to performing a field research. Today, the museum has been a good place for a study tour. It’s also suitable for a family vacation. If you are concerned about geology, you must take an opportunity to visit the museum. Don’t forget to bring your kids.