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Soda Water Bath, Wonderfull Place In Medan – Indonesia

Medan Indonesia – Soda Water bath is also often referred to Aek Rara in Batak traditional language. It is located in the village of Parbubu, North Tapanuli, North Sumatra Province, near from Medan Indonesia, the capital city of North Sumatera. The history of the baths was discovered by a midwife named O Tobing Sihite while hoeing the soil and out of the water, but the water that comes out is different from the usual water. The water is bubbly texture, flavor and the aroma is similar to soda. In 2004, this area was built a pond to collect water and turn it into a bathing pond. There are only two Soda water pools in this world, one in Venezuela South America and the only one in North Sumatra Indonesia. There is only one bath widely 6 √ó 7 meters. The scenery around the pool is very beautiful because it is directly bordered by green rice field background cluster. These attractions are a very affordable place to visit in terms of access and in terms of cost. You just need to pay IDR 7.000 per person.

Soda Water Bath, Wonderfull Place In Medan - Indonesia

Soda Water Bath, Wonderfull Place In Medan – Indonesia

Just swim or soak in the baths can make your body be mild and clean. The water does not feel sticky and salty but it will be foamy when touches your body. Be careful to cover your eyes with swimming glasses as it is sore if exposed to eyes. It is a very recommended place to visit as you will feel the sensation of soda water. Since it is unique and rare to be found on the earth, you are going to fell blessed that it is in Indonesia.

This tourist attraction is located about one kilometer from the city center Tarutung, North Sumatra. Until now, only Susi Air that can direct fly you to this route. Alternatively, you could come from the nearby town of Sibolga. Then from Sibolga, you will be dropped to Tarutung. From Tarutung, you can continue to the place with public transportation.

Because  the soda water baths are managed by private sides, you cannot meet the premium facilities like nice restrooms and hotels. However, there are fair facilities such as toilet, eating places, sufficient parking area, lodging that can be found near the spot. You can use travel service from Indonesia Travel by visiting the web on www.indonesia.travel. They provide a complete travel service to suit your needs to around Indonesia. With a range of price, you can choose your own travel style.

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